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Your questions answered


Q: Do you require a deposit to secure a reservation?

A: We require a 50% deposit to hold the boat, this is a non-refundable deposit. 

Q: What is considered a rental day?

A: We consider a rental day to be 8 hours on a calendar day. If a boat is reserved for multiple days it will be launched on the first day and returned the evening of the last day. Other arrangements may be available and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Q: What is the maximum capacity of your boats?

A: The Alweld seats 4, the Sea Runner seats 6, the 22' C-Dory seats 3, and the 26' Scavenger seats 5 however with a larger cabin there is more standing room in this boat as well.

Q: Where do you launch your boats?

A: We launch our boats at the Statter Harbor in Auke bay which is 10 miles north of downtown or about 4 miles from the airport.

Q: How do we get to the harbor?

A: Since most of our clients reserve a boat for 4-7 days, renting a car is generally the best options as it allows for shopping, ground transportation to/from a hotel as well as a means to drop off fish to a processor to be cut and frozen. 

Q: Do you sell bait, tackle and fishing licences?

A: We do not sell these however they can be purchased at DeHarts which is located at the harbor, Western Auto, or at Sportsmans Warehouse.

Q: What Kind of fish can we catch from your boats?

A: King Salmon are generally run in May and June but are around on a limited bases year round. Silvers start to show up in late June-August depending on where a person is fishing. Halibut are around all summer but peak in July and August.

Q: How far are the fishing grounds from Auke Bay?

A: Our clients catch both salmon and halibut right outside of Auke Bay. Most fishing is done within 10-20 miles of the harbor. To date the largest halibut that I know of caught on one of our boats was within a mile of the dock and it measured out to be 197 lbs!

Q: Where can I go to see whales?

A: There are always whales around in the summer. Ask when you pick up your boat and we should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Q: How long will the fuel last?

A: Fuel consumption is largely based on operation and speed but here are some rough guidelines:

Alweld's (Unknown at this time),

Sea Runner's capacity is _______, cruising speed of 30 MPH and a burn  rate of about 8 GPH

C-Dory's capacity is 46 gallons, cruising speed is 18 MPH and a burn rate of ____ GPH..

Scavenger's capacity is 120 gallons, cruising speed of 30 MPH and a burn rate of 15 GPH.

Q: Do you have fishing gear and tackle available for rent?

A: We do have fishing poles for either salmon or halibut available as well as coolers, extra fuel jugs, crab rings, crab pots, shrimp pots and the list goes on. We do not however rent out tackle as it is hard to manage what goes out and comes back. 

Q: Are there any cabins within boating distance that you would recommend?

A: Yes! The most accessible cabins by boat are the Rupe Andrews cabin (on Shelter I), The Salamander Cabin (on Shelter I), the Lincoln Cabin (on Lincoln I), and the Camping Cove Cabin. The Berners Bay cabin and St James Cabin are also readily accessible depending on the weather. These cabins can be booked at the following links: State Public Use cabins and Forest Service cabins

Q: What licenses do I need to be able to fish or to set a crab pot?

A: You must  have a valid sport fish license to partake in any fishing activities. They are available at many local retailers as well as online on the AK Dept of Fish and Game website. If you plan to set shrimp pots you will also need a free sport fish shrimp permit available at the link above.

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